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That is what a salesperson from one of the largest national and international training companies said about The Profit Consulting Methodology after he saw its preview.

And we at ARMARA, Inc., believe that to be true. The excitement you see in the adjacent photo is representative of our enthusiasm about the opportunities that our training can create.


  1. The Profit Consulting Methodology

  2. The Economic Empowerment System

If you view our Profit Consulting Methodology (PCM) commercial, or go to our Training Details, then our Financial Opportunities tabs it will explain some of the opportunities that PCM can create.

However there is one opportunity which it does not mention, and that is our Economic Empowerment System training, which utilizes PCM as its foundation.

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  • The Economic Empowerment System was created in the late 1990's.

  • The mission of our Economic Empowerment System is to help insure that a portion of the money spent within a community is:

  • Recycled back into the community

  • AND
  • Managed to meet the goals and objectives of that community, which includes "Associated Community Participants," "Associated Vendors" and "Associated Suppliers."

Our system was devised knowing that there can be 4 primary challenges for economic empowerment projects:

  1. They try to empower on too large a scale. Therefore creating a vast difference between goals and objectives, which breaks down the cohesiveness needed to empower.

  2. They do not clearly define economic empowerment as it relates to the project. Thereby creating multiple unrelated focal points which breaks down the cohesiveness needed to empower.

  3. They create a system that a large number of people contribute to (time, money and other resources), but only a few benefit.

  4. There is an inherited lack of trust that exists.

Our system's solution to counter the 4 primary challenges, respectively:

  1. You must empower at the community level first. There you will find more common goals and objectives. The next step is to find common denominators between multiple communities to expand the empowerment on a larger scale.

  2. Each community must define economic empowerment in their own terms, and set their own goals and objectives, hence, creating a unified vision.

  3. A cyclical system must be created where resources are entered, wealth is generated, a percentage of the wealth is distributed back to the people within the community, and the remainder is reinvested.

  4. The system must be totally transparent and easy to comprehend.

We have applied a fraction of the Economic Empowerment System to our business for almost 20 years. The main reason our company applied it was because we were unable to get financing from banks. As a result, we created a cyclical economic empowerment system that involved 3 entities - our clients, our company and our private investors. And it should be noted that this systems has allowed our business to generated millions of dollars and successfully take on multi-million dollar projects.

Economic Empowerment Systems are in large demand and is virtually an untapped market, which means you will be in large demand once we teach you our approach. 
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